I’m writing this today because I need to share something I am a firm believer of after today’s writing session.

Writing is a mood changer.

I had an extremely stressful evening yesterday and went to bed in tears. I got up this morning still stressed and angry about everyone and everything. After morning work routine I opened up Scrivener and just began typing. Working on just a goal of 1,000 words. An hour and a half later and just 300 words shy of 4,000 words my stress is gone, I’m happier and not a negative thought about anyone or anything from the previous night.

Writing is therapy

I’m finding that when my life has turned upside down, inside out and ready to explode or implode on me all I have to do is write. It doesn’t matter if it’s on my book, a tidbit of something else, a poem or my journal. I always feel better. Even if it’s just a little. It’s better than nothing and it makes me want to continue writing. It makes me want to work harder than ever and make tomorrow even better.

Writing is something to look forward to

No matter the day of the week, the hour of the day, and no matter what else is going on with my life outside of my works in progress. Knowing that when I open my writing program and drowning myself into something other than what’s wrong with my life I am always looking forward to when I can catch another hour or even ten minutes.

I’m not sure how others feel. And although I do plan on self publishing I can imagine having deadlines (which I’m not giving myself definite one’s) can be stress full. Do you find writing once you are fully consumed makes those other stresses and worries disapear for you for how ever long you write as well? Do you feel better after writing than you did before you started? I’d love to hear your thoughts!