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What does it even mean to ‘Brand yourself’ or ‘Branding’?

In a world of over 7 Billion people, how many are unique in what they do? What they wear? How they talk? What their hobbies are? What they eat? What their name is? Or what their nickname is? How about asking how unique their specific “Branding” is?

Over the course of 10 years I’ve considered myself a unique and extremely individual person. I’ve had some pretty outlandish and even cute nicknames and I try not to follow other people’s tastes unless something was particularly to my liking. Trends are not something I pay attention to and follow. I’m a one of a kind and I prefer to stay that way. It makes me who I am, it also makes me stand out from everyone else that “follows the leader” so to speak. 7 Billion individuals who since technology has been deemed not only a necessity but a must have, has in my honest opinion created clones. In a day I rarely ever see anyone that stands out from the crowd.

Everyone in my view has their faces planted to the cell phones and tablets that they seem to have glued to their hands. They talk and type without so much as looking up and making contact. They all wear the same clothes, they say the same things day in and day out. They blend and meld together like grains of sand in a desert dune. Monotonous buzzing and flurries of actions. Only to be repeated or reproduced by the rest of our population either by popularity or by the sheer need and desperate desire to fit in. What happened to our unique selves. The actions, feelings, thoughts that made us who we each originally were? I don’t see faces anymore, I don’t hear words. I’m overwhelmed by tops of heads, the tacking and ticking of keyboards on cell phones. There are no faces to greet and smile at, there’s no conversations to be a part of. It’s sad!

The original question still remains. How does one go about branding themselves to get noticed with everyone jumping on that bandwagon to recreate it for themselves? I had opted to brand myself finally last month or more closer to the end of May would be more precise. I took the three things that I thought made me unique for what I wanted to brand myself with. Being barefoot almost 24/7 except when I had to venture out in the cold snow, Writing and my love for fiction. Seems either I found a trend that hadn’t quite started yet or others thought “heck it’s new lets see what happens if I do it too!” Well for the most part I guess I should be flattered that someone else sees themselves akin to what I do. But I’m not. I’m honest if nothing else. It really doesn’t make me feel flattered or even a tiny bit comfortable. Out of every possible reaction I could have had the only one I felt was defeat. I guess the reality that I wasn’t the only person on the entire planet who is always barefoot, writing her heart out and has a love affair with books of fiction hadn’t happened, hadn’t thought it out and wasn’t prepared for the truth.

I now have to sit here rethinking this whole concept of branding myself, branding my blog, my writing and I’ve now really no clue how I’m going to set myself apart from the rest of the writing world. So much information to sift through, too many things to consider and I have to hope that my uniqueness and individuality is enough to keep me from melting into the masses and left unnoticed. Just another faceless clone tacking and ticking at her cell phone.. NO! I scream at the top of my lungs for the whole planet to hear. I will not succumb to society’s expectations of what everyone should be doing. I am unique, a rebel and I have a cause. To be myself, to be unique, to stand out, to be seen and heard!

How do you stand out in a world of so many who do the same thing you do?