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I took a much need break from my WIP on Passion’s Haunting. My word count is a little behind my daily goal but not by much. I found I had done enough writing that putting it aside for one day kept me within reach of having no issues with getting caught up to today’s goal in camp. But I didn’t take a break from writing entirely.

I’ve had this constantly and irritating nagging at the back of my head for a few days. It was annoying enough that I spent the entire day preparing to put it in perspective. I decided that although it’s not paranormal, but is a thriller and something that will be a continuing pet project, that it would become a serial for the blog. One chapter a week until the realization that the story has been told. I am not sure what will be the weekly result. The main character has made it well known to me that her mind will not be swayed easily and that I have my work cut out for me with the supply of conflicts she suffers inside and out.

I’ve got some outlining and a bit of research to do on it so it wont be making an appearance on the blog anytime too soon. But will tell you that it’s not a typical thriller story. It’s got some humor as well as jaw dropping reality for the main character as well as another character that has a major role for the story and influences for the M.C.

I can tell you that when I first had the notion for this I wasn’t sure if it could be made into a serial for the blog. It took me most of the evening last night to figure out a way to get a weekly post for it with a decent word count without being too short or too long and I wanted to be able to edit and rewrite without having a week or more between posts. I believe this will be something interesting that could be fun for me to do as well as fun for others to read who like thrills, suspense, drama, humor and sarcasm!

So I end this here so I can get my non-writing responsibilities done so I can spend the day getting caught up with Passion’s Haunting and get some research done for the serial.

What are your current project(s)? How are you coming along with them?