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I have to blush with embarrassment and admit that for three days I hadn’t worked on my project for camp. I took the first day off to get an outline for another project done. The second day was life outside of writing begged for attention. Namely the garden screaming to be weeded and a much needed rest of my mind from all things Fiction. I ended up playing Dragon City for a good half of the day, took a nap and nursed a migraine. Yesterday was just all out bad. Anything that could go wrong did. So today I sat down after lunch and belted out words into Passion’s Haunting and then again before  dinner. Six hours total and had myself caught up with my needed word count.

Day 12 brings me to 19,420 of the 50,000 I set for my goal to reach. I’m getting there bit by bit. And I’m happy I am keeping up. I’ll be excited, thrilled if I can get the total goal on time!

A little bit of where I am with Passion’s Haunting as a story instead of word count?

Ok so my MC has lost his wife, unborn baby six months previous to the start of the story. He’s drinking his guilt and grief into numbness and loses his job, gets evicted, moves to his home town and buys a house where he is informed of a young girls suicide in the basement and buys it anyways. While waiting for the paperwork to get done he stays in a motel. He has flashbacks and goes to a pub and ends up embarrassing himself but doesn’t recall doing what he’s told. The bartender befriends him and gives him a rude awakening and now he has to confront the two people he’s actually terrified of disappointing yet again in his young adult life.

Further ahead in the story he moves into his new house and feels like he’s being watched. For a while he can’t figure out what is causing the feeling.

And I’ll stop there. I’ll update again on how the book is going and keep you updated on my camp progress! I’m really excited but I have to admit this rough draft is pretty much just putting scenes together. I have a lot to add to it to give it more of an actual story but need to get the main scenes down as they come to me otherwise I’ll be all over the place and the story arc wont stick where I want it to go.

So I’ll see you again soon!

Keep the fingers moving, the words flowing and for those who use the pen and paper I salute you and encourage you to keep the words flowing to the paper ❤