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Seriously I opened my trial of Scrivener and officially lost my marbles today. Currently I’m just doing a very rough of the rough draft. Putting scenes together for chapters. I worked on Chapter three and stopped two scenes short on it and didn’t even realize it until just now. I’ve gotten myself back on track regarding word count (and a few extra to make sure). So as of right now I’ve got 21,758 words done since July 4 2016. I missed the first three days but I think it spurned me on even with the 3 day absence *cringes* and tons to do.

Tonight I’ll be copy/paste all my writing for Passion’s Haunting into another program so I don’t lose it. Scrivener is too expensive for my wallet right now but I do plan on purchasing it. I love it! I was hunting for something that would make it easy to write and at the same time easy to self-publish ebooks. I came across Sigil and it’s a little intimidating for me but I like it. It will work for what I need and want considering it’s a free writing program. I like to keep everything neat and close together so I don’t have to have 20 programs open at once! If you’ve never heard of it before I suggest you at least just take a peek. You can find out all about it Sigil-ebook.

My plans for tomorrow will consist of doing my camp word count for the day and then getting the outline and characters finished up on my other WIP. I realized there were some things missing and other things I wanted to change or remove. Second guessing myself. Not sure if that’s good or bad but at least I’m only at the pre-writing stage.

So i bid you all adieu while I flex my arms, stretch my fingers and set to work!

Hope your enjoying Camp if your in it this month.. Halfway through already and I’m really hyper about finishing my goal. I think it’s keeping me going with writing each day!

Keep the words flowing ❤