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Today was in Facebook before I  decided to get to doing another chapter or two. I was surfing a writing group and someone mentioned Hemingway Editor. I had to try it out so put a little over 400 words in and watched the magic happen. Not bad results. Five minutes of editing and it was perfect the way I wanted it. I got so excited I decided to edit the three complete chapters I had written. I’m happy! I can now continue with doing more 😀 It gave me the confirmation I needed that I was on the right track and I have nothing to fear.

Even though I’ve edited the three chapters that doesn’t mean they are part of a first draft. I’m considering it still a rough draft. I’m sure I’ll want to read in over in whole and add more or cut some more out. Just part of the process and I’m not stressing over it.

I’ve got to get in and write a couple thousand more and get today’s word count for Camp but at least I’m relaxed enough to just type away and not worry about grammer, spelling and confusing sentences. No passive voice in my book and that makes everything else seem like child’s play right now!

So if you are looking at editing soon, don’t despair! It’s not that bad. Really, I wouldn’t fib about something like that *wink*

Hope your doing good with your works in progress. I’d love to hear about where you are on one of them, or all of them! Up to you. Just drop me a comment and have a little fun with your works!