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I so want to cry right now but not as much as I did the past two days. I’ve not worked on my WIP for camp for two days. Two days ago I decided I was going to edit the three chapters I had drafted just to see if I was on the right track. I am as far as the story is going and my MC is beginning to become real. His emotions are taking a toll on me to be quite honest *rolls eyes*. Not that that’s entirely a bad thing but he’s talking in my dreams telling me his next plans for his tale and I wake up thinking someone was standing outside my window talking all night.

Yesterday I didn’t work on the book for camp because my laptop was acting really funny. She’s no spring chicken and I work her to death. She goes days without getting shut down. She takes naps but she doesn’t go into actual OFF for days at a time. Not good for her. So I decided to give her a spa day so to speak. I did a total factory restore. I spend more time doing that than installing programs but I think that was because I decided to keep the weight off her. A program diet so to speak. I’ve only installed bare minimums for writing and graphics. Anything else will have to be put on the “Someday” list whether I like it or not. Time to treat my faithful friend with some tenderness. After all she lets me sit for hours and write, it’s the least I can do!

So as it stands right now at this very minute I have 4,048 words to type today. I’m not so sure I can do it, but if I can get half to three-quarters of it today I can get the other half to one quarter that’s left to add to tomorrows. I’ll get caught up one way or another. I just can’t look at it as 4,000 words. I pretty much have to think of it as 4 scenes or half a chapter. Doesn’t seem so much with the ‘scenes’ idea!

So I’m off and into Sigil (nope no Scrivener until I can buy it!) and I’ll update tomorrow. I’m thinking I am going to move my Freaky Fridays from Barefoot Fiction to here on Monday and put that blog into an urn after burning it. I can’t do three blogs. Two is enough and my book reviews will go to my personal blog. I think it will be easier and that way visitors and followers don’t have to jump around to find what they want 🙂

Sounds like a solid plan. And this theme/layout is the last one until winter. I’ve found what suits me and it’s comfortable! Hope you like. If anything is hard to read PLEASE let me know and I’ll adjust the font size and/or background color a bit ❤