Thank you stopping by. Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and make yourself at home. Peruse the posts, and feel free to comment and leave your thoughts, and creative criticisms. They are most welcome!

I have always read growing up. Ever since I could read I had a book in my hand and my nose buried within the world taking me out of my own reality each and every time. I grew up wanting to be a writer. In my teen years I did a lot of poetry having been introduced to it in school. I remember in 5th grade our teacher had a published poet come in one day a week giving a one hour class each time and I was hooked and spent more time writing poems of fantasy. Unicorns and rainbows, Fairies and talking trees. The older I got the less I did it finding other things to occupy my mind outside of pen and paper. But I always could be found with my head in a notebook writing one thing or another when I should have been doing homework. The past few years (I would say starting around 2010) I had begun journals. Writing daily things, doodling and tearing pictures out of magazines and making a collage page of wishes and dreams. Something was missing. I found this past year I had grown tired of my usual digital creations for digital scrapbooking and had been on blogger. I had tried WordPress a couple of times but wasn’t feeling I fit in with what I was doing and I had been reading a lot more. That being said I had joined Goodreads and thought a great idea would be to start a review blog on WordPress and that itself grew into something bigger and a bit messier within weeks.

I found what was missing in my life. My writing. I was adding things I was writing and working on to it as well. Then I started a personal blog. But still feeling everything wasn’t cohesive for me. It was all to random and mangled. I needed a place just for my writing projects. So here I am. A new blog, and everything here is my Fiction. You’ll find my updates on my current book, short stories, poems and other fictional tidbits surrounding my journey.

I am a writer, I have always been one I just didn’t know it!

It’s time I pursue it with open eyes, an open and honest heart and share what I am the most passionate about.

Welcome to my world!!


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